The Monkees Monkeemobile
Corgi 277 (1968-72)

The Monkeemobile from the TV show ‘The Monkees’

These in mint condition with original header card and all four figures can fetch over £1000

Header Cards

This colourful detachable header card was given out to just a few of the larger Corgi shops at the time when a retailer box of Monkeemobiles was ordered.

There are reproductions of the Monkeemobile Header Card which circulate in the market-place. The reproductions do not have the same high quality print and often the card is thicker. The lower edge of the card has two semi-circular shaped pieces and these are quite crudely cut out on the repro’s. The simplest way to spot a reproduction is to take a look at Mike Nesmith (the figure with the blue bobble hat) the print colour of the repro is poor and his bobble hat which is blue in the original is darker on the repro! Also the little logo on one of the semi-circular tabs is never seen on the reproductions.

This is the original header card
This is a repro header card

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