Batmobile & Batboat Set
Corgi GS3 – 1966/76

Batmobile & Batboat Set
Corgi GS3 – 1966

This Batmobile has a gloss black finish with tow hook and whizzwheels.
This version has less pointed rear fins and very bright gold parts. The Batboat sits on a gold trailer with cast wheels and is the ‘tin fin’ version (later issues were plastic).

This rare non-header card box version gift set in mint condition can fetch up to £500.00 in auction.

Batmobile & Batboat Set
Corgi GS3 – 1976

This 3rd issue Corgi Gift Set 3, Batmobile & Batboat from 1976 is presented in a header-card window box. The Batboat is the later version with the plastic fin.

In mint condition this set can fetch anything from £375.00 to upwards of £450.00 at auction

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